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May/June 2003 Volume 6 Number 5


An Invitation
-by Paul Allen


While attending the Promise Keepers Pastors and Church Leaders Conference in Phoenix this past February, one of the greatest highlights for me was spending time with old and new friends in ministry.

And during those times of getting together, I especially enjoyed the time I spent with a few good friends who've become an integral part of my life over the past several years.

I was reminded of how important it is to invite people into our lives and give them permission to speak directly into who we are and what we're doing. In a particular conversation with one of my friends, he asked me some pointed questions regarding my schedule, commitments, and priorities. If anyone else would've asked those questions, I could've easily sidestepped any issues I didn't want to talk about. But with him, he knew me well enough to identify what issues we needed to discuss further.

After spending time with him and a couple of other truth-tellers in my life, I was also reminded that I needed to have a relationship with someone locally who could be that same kind of person in my life. I quickly made a mental note of current friendships that might evolve into that kind of relationship. And I asked one of my friends at Promise Keepers to bug me until I was able to say I had that in a friend here at home.

So what about you? Do you have that person in your life—a friend of the same gender—who's willing to tell you the truth no matter what? Have you invited someone into your life who's more concerned about your relationship with God, your family, your church, and your community than they are with how big your church is?

With so many pastors leaving the ministry today due to immorality, integrity issues, or lack of people skills, don't you think it would be wise to have someone who can celebrate with you in your strengths and disciple you in your weaknesses?


In our cover story, “The Gift Nobody Wants” on page 44, John Ortberg talks about how important it is for us to have truth-tellers in our lives. I encourage you to read the article and list the people who will speak truth in your life.

Likewise, as a magazine, our desire is to help you in your ministry—both personal and professional ministry. And in order for that to happen, we need to make sure we're covering issues that are relevant to your life. We're constantly talking to, surveying, and sending information to pastors so that we can make sure we're covering the things you're dealing with. However, sometimes we're not sure if we're on target.

One way we find out is through your letters or emails that are sent our way. If you've never sent us a letter or email, please take some time and let us know how you feel about Rev. Or if you're facing an issue where you need answers, let us know and we can possibly do some investigating or direct you to the right source. Or maybe you've found something works in ministry that you think other pastors should know about. Let us know that as well.

One way you can send us your opinion is through a poll that's simple to complete and easy to use. Just go to www.revmagazine.com and click on the survey link. It only takes a minute and helps us refine the information we're providing for you.

Let's all work together in encouraging and challenging one another in ministry. Invite someone into your life today.

Rev. Paul Allen

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