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A Call to Remember 9/11

Every church in America is urged to conduct a 9/11 Remembrance service on Wednesday evening, September 11, to share the healing presence of God and redeeming love of Jesus Christ.

To remember those who perished, honor the firefighters, police, and military personnel who protect our nation, and to proclaim the Gospel to all who attend!

  • Prepare for a powerful, Christ-centered remembrance service for Wednesday evening, September 11 or Sunday, September 8.
  • Urge your church members to attend and bring others.
  • Download a FREE PASTOR/CHURCH KIT with bulletin inserts, sample letter to church members, suggested program outline, sample invitation, commitment card, article for church paper, etc. Or, order the kit above with a video containing three 3-minute promotional videos on Prayer, Care, and Share, and a 6-minute program video to be used in your service, sample copies of Fallen but not Forgotten booklets, plus other helpful information for $16.95 + S&H.

•To order, go to www.911remembrance.com and click Church Resources. You can also call 800-827-2788.

•TV spots can be ordered from www.faithhighway.com/911.

• For additional outreach tools, visit www.outreach.com.

Order enough copies of Fallen but not Forgotten to distribute in your community with an invitation to the remembrance service.

Pray fervently for God to bless this effort to remember 9/11 and to take the Gospel into every home and heart. Need more information? Call the Mission America Coalition: 760-200-2707 National Facilitators: Larry Lewis, Glenn Barth, Jarvis Ward, and Dallas Anderson.

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