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Responding to Crisis

As the anniversary of September 11 approaches, the emotions and nerves of people in your congregation will probably be on edge. Even if they didn’t suffer personal losses a year ago, the memories of those images will bring the tragedy back to the surface of their thoughts. And people in your midst are always suffering in some way.

Many Christian publishers responded to 9-11 events by releasing helpful books on how to cope with the crisis, and titles dealing with other times of struggle have also been released recently. Here are some of the latest to hit bookstore shelves.

9-1-1 Our Nation’s Emergency Call—David Jeremiah says we need to take the attack on America personally. As the prophet Jeremiah wept for the city of Jerusalem, we must weep and respond to our nation’s emergency call. One of six tapes in the America Responds series. Oasis Audio, $8.99, 800-323-2500.

Facing the Future Without Fear—Jesus preached a simple message: “Do not be afraid,” he said, as he prescribed faith as the medicine that allows us to face our fears. Lloyd John Ogilvie applies this prescription to our darkest fears. Servant Publications, $12.99, (734) 677-1284.

Fear Not America—Before 9-11, America had never seen such a senseless and horrible loss of life and property at one time. Liberty Savard imparts trust and confidence in God to people who are confused and fearful over what’s happened—and over any source of fear in their lives. Bridge-Logos Publishing, $7.99, 800-631-5802.

Finding God in the Face of Evil—Ed Dobson clearly and honestly addresses the common concerns and dilemmas we all encounter during times of personal trial or national tragedy. Kregel Publications, $11.99, 800-733-2607.

God Will Make a Way—Whether because of personal or national crisis, we’ve all been there—wallowing in fear, sadness, or confusion. Henry Cloud and John Townsend offer 10 practical life principles to guide us through loneliness, anxiety, and other heartaches to happiness and peace. Integrity Publishers, $21.99, 800-533-6912, (334) 633-9000.

The Grief-Sharing Church—Tragedy strikes everyone, yet we don’t always know how to respond. Harold Ivan Smith offers a video seminar on how churches can establish a grief ministry. Package includes a reproducible student workbook on CD-ROM and a leader’s guide. Beacon Hill Press, $89.99, 800-877-0700.

In Times of Crisis and Sorrow—As a pastor, how should you respond to personal crises, such as someone who is terminally ill, a family shattered by suicide, or a grieving widow? Carol Noren offers Scriptures, prayers, eulogies, sermons, and music for pastors who minister in times of tragedy. John Wiley & Sons, $24.95, 877-762-2974.

A Reason for Hope—Ten trusted Christian authors—including Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Joseph Stowell—put an eternal perspective on the events of September 11, offering the peace of Christ in the face of the fears that consume us. Good News Publishing, $12.99, 800-635-7993, (630) 682-4300.

Standing in the Circle of Grief—Blair Meeks offers pastors a wealth of worship resources and advice on what to say and do when dealing with people who’ve encountered grief. Abingdon Press, $13, 800-672-1789, (615) 749-6347.

When Tragedy Strikes—Mark Ashton’s subtitle says it all: Jesus’ Response to a World Gone Wrong. A six-session discussion guide to help people realize that only God can fix the broken things we encounter in our earthly life. Zondervan, $8.99, 800-727-3480, (616) 698-6900.

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